conjugate pair

conjugate pair

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  • Conjugate variables (thermodynamics) — For a more general mathematical discussion, see Conjugate variables. Thermodynamics …   Wikipedia

  • conjugate — verb (conjugated, conjugating) –verb (t) /ˈkɒndʒəgeɪt / (say konjuhgayt) 1. Grammar a. to inflect (a verb). b. to recite or display all, or some subset of, the inflected forms of (a verb), in a fixed order: conjugate the present tense verb be as… …  

  • conjugate — [kän′jə gət; ] also, and for v.always [, kän′jəgāt΄] adj. [ME conjugat < L conjugatus, pp. of conjugare, to join together < com , together + jugare, to join < jugum,YOKE] 1. joined together, esp. in a pair; coupled 2. Bot. BIJUGATE 3.… …   English World dictionary

  • conjugate — ► VERB 1) give the different forms of (a verb). 2) (of bacteria or unicellular organisms) become temporarily united in order to exchange genetic material. ► ADJECTIVE 1) technical joined or related as a pair. 2) Biology (of gametes) fused. ► NOUN …   English terms dictionary

  • conjugate angle — noun One of a pair of angles whose sum is 360° • • • Main Entry: ↑conjugate …   Useful english dictionary

  • Conjugate diameters — Two conjugate diameters of an ellipse. Each edge of the bounding parallelogram is parallel to one of the diameters. In geometry, two diameters of a conic section are said to be conjugate if each chord parallel to one diameter is bisected by the… …   Wikipedia

  • conjugate — conjugable /kon jeuh geuh beuhl/, adj. conjugably, adv. conjugative, adj. conjugator, n. v. /kon jeuh gayt /; adj., n. /kon jeuh git, gayt /, v., conjugated, conjugating, adj., n. v.t. 1. Gram. a. to inflect (a verb) …   Universalium

  • conjugate — 1. Joined or paired. SYN: conjugated. 2. C. diameters of the pelvis. The distance between any two specified points on the periphery of the pelvic canal. [L. conjugatus, joined together. See conjugata] anatomical c. [TA] measure of pelvic …   Medical dictionary

  • conjugate — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English conjugat, from Latin conjugatus, past participle of conjugare to unite, from com + jugare to join, from jugum yoke more at yoke Date: 15th century 1. a. joined together especially in pairs ; coupled b.… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • conjugate — con•ju•gate v. [[t]ˈkɒn dʒəˌgeɪt[/t]] adj., n. [[t]ˈkɒn dʒə gɪt, ˌgeɪt[/t]] v. gat•ed, gat•ing, adj. n. 1) gram. a) to recite or display all or some subsets of the inflected forms of (a verb) in a fixed order: to conjugate the present tense of… …   From formal English to slang

  • Conjugate acid — Within the Brønsted–Lowry acid base theory (protonic), a conjugate acid is the acid member, HX, of a pair of two compounds that transform into each other by gain or loss of a proton. A conjugate acid can also be seen as the chemical substance… …   Wikipedia

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